Several days ago, there was a wonderful exhibition at NPAK Studio. Young artist Vahag Hamalbashyan exposed his unique works. Walking down the corridors his paintings were literally staring at me and whispering something. I could not really understand what was so mysterious in Hamalbashyan’s works but they were blowing my mind.

Only one thing bothered me during my visit. There was a lack of music and especially Tigran Hamasyan’s music. I wish I could have my headphones with me so I could listen to Hamasyan’s “Poet” while wandering and looking at paintings.
I was deep under the influence of the artistic atmosphere when an old man poked me and left the studio. It was super weird but it inspired me and I finally wrote an ending for my personal story in Armenian that I left undone nearly one year. I finished it in one breath. It was amazing.
It is very important to attend such kind of events as our daily life makes us boring personalities if we do not go out to see something new. I am thankful for this portion of inspiration to the talented artist Vahag and to the old man who maybe even randomly but poked me.