On Facebook, I saw an interesting post by my friend Sophie. A young architect and illustrator shared his works with public. It was hard to believe that such a young Armenian man did such kind of works. When I was under the influence of those paintings, I saw that they had the same surname with my friend Sophie. After I asked her, she told me that it is her brother. I was so proud to realize that we have talented Armenians and someday they will become very famous as Salvador Dali or Da Vinci.

I hope that the Academy of Fine Arts in Armenia will provide children with all required things to go deeper and maximize all chances of success. I heard and saw many examples of teenagers studying in that Academy that they have inspiration,motivation and talent to create something very special but their professor do not provide needed materials. Each material is expensive so not all of the students can afford it. It is really sad. The main goal of the Academy should be having qualified specialists(professors) and at least several mandatory materials for those students who cannot buy something every day. Davit Yukhanyan’s works are the result of his imagination,hard work and beloved professor I guess.

You can find the illustrations here: http://www.boredpanda.com/an-illustration-made-of-illustrations/An-Illustration-Made-Of-Illustrations__880