During the registration week I got angry and disappointed because of the poor registration system. Firstly the Registrar Office of AUA announced that the registration will start at midnight,while it started next day at 9 am.All sophomore students were refreshing their im.aua.am‘s page to finally see the button “register”. Many of them haven’t slept that day.

The very next day when the button appeared some of the students were not allowed to register as the system continued claiming that ” This course is not available for you”.Unfortunately I was among those students. What does that mean? Because of the poor working system others will get the courses or sections they want and I won’t. It is not fair,super unfair.

Surely I do understand that the system was new and it worked for the first time and many students where registering at the same time,but the answer of the assistants of the Registrar Office made me crazy. The next day I went to inform them that the system gave errors and asked to do something about it so next semester all students will have equal opportunities to choose what they want. Only one of the assistants was polite enough to listen to me and not blame me that I just came to claim something with poor facts and that my only concern is to take the section that is already full,but still desirable.

The fact was that I came to raise the issue and make someone to solve it out so the next semester it would work properly. What I got was the “polite” irony in their words. I was not demanding anything except equal treatment. Mrs. C’s (I don’t want to mention her name)
words were very insulting. She said that my claims are not as important as my desire to get the section that I want. She mentioned that system errors and other claims are not the main factors why I came to their office. To their surprise I came with my another friend who got a section that was just left. She didn’t want to stay in that section as she had a course with that professor whom she was not able to understand,while it is very important aspect as that course is the influential part of our major studies. I suggested to give the privilege to those whose major requires the courses that were filled.In all sections there are exact number of chairs available,but as the last semester was done they may not ask those students who chose that sections but are in such major that does not require such electives. There was a case last time when we chose sections but were given another schedules. No one said anything and that is why the assistants told me that they didn’t do such a thing. Now even I was super disappointed I am proud that I told them about my concerns so they won’t tell me next semester that my words have no value without evidence. Maybe they do not understand fully why it is important to choose a section with a professor whom a student understands. Being polite is not a style of work,but more about ethics.