AUA has different student clubs and one of those organizes a nice event on December 12th at 6pm in Akian Gallery. The club is called “Writers on the storm” inspired by the song “Riders on the storm”. It is a club founded by Business major student Karotik Galstyan. This creative writing club represents a group of young writers who meet to improve their skills and learn something new. Many projects were done so far,but the first public one will be held this Friday in Akian Gallery.

As I’m one of the members of the creative writing club I know for sure the work they did and my expectations of their performance are very high.It is also curious what the final script looks like as I was among those who were working to make it worthy. My participation was not complete as I had another things to do,but I know the people who worked on the script and they are genius. I encourage you all to come and enjoy this interesting performance.

Flyer attached: flyer (2)