On November 7, the National Gallery of Armenia hosted exhibition dedicated to Eduard Isabekyan’s 100th anniversary. Artist’s paintings and graphic works of different periods, reflecting his long and prolific heritage, were demonstrated at the exhibition. The vast part of the works was showcased to the public attention for the first time, including the graphic papers from the last years. Eduard Isabekyan’s landscapes of Lake Sevan and its rocky shores, paintings of historical figures, naked posers and swimmers, made in ink, watercolor, marker and chalk, are, especially, spectacular.

November 30 was the last day you could attend the exhibition. Me and my friend attended the exhibition both out of interest and out of need(for my Armenian Language and Literature class assignment). A woman, most likely a worker of the gallery, asked whether my friend and I were from Terlemezyan College of Fine Art. When we told here we were from American University of Armenia she got surprised and happy. We were told that students don’t usually attend these kind of exhibitions on their own and that she was happy to know there still are people who value art and find time for it.

Isabekyan was the founder of thematic compositional genre in Armenia. I found out about that from my visit and not only. The woman told many interesting stories about the painter. She then asked to tell our friends to attend these kind of events because it’s also a way of education and perhaps as important as the formal one.