Recently I came across a site that offers podcast series in English about Armenian History. The project is first of its kind. The idea of the projects belongs to two young Armenians who currently live in US. Gegham Mughnetsyan and Gnel Pivazyan met in Berkeley where they were roommates. They both liked Armenian history and that was mainly their topic of conversation.

The idea of doing podcast series was born due to those discussions. Gegham and Gnel saw how Armenians living in diaspora aren’t exposed to their homelands history partly because of the problem of language and partly because reading now isn’t that common. So they decided to create podcast series to spread the history of Armenia among their peers.

They have already done 10 posts each one from 8-12 minutes long. They are not very long, but they are very informative. Here is the link to the site where you can find out more about the project.

One thing that is also unique about this project I think is the story of its creation. Casual everyday conversation of two students led them to this idea. This is a good example of how from seemingly not important or trivial things can actually be the source of new ideas and project if only we become a bit more attentive and have the will and courage to take an action.