The other day on the way back from AUA I saw several women quarreling at the H. Kochar street with high pitched voices. So, I stopped to see what was the whole scene about. It turned out that one of them was handing out bulletins concerning religion, Bible and whatsoever.

And the whole scene started when one of the passers by seeing what the bulletins were about began offending the woman spreading them telling that it was illegal and immoral to do such a thing. While the woman was trying to defend herself another person interfered telling the other to leave the woman alone, that she was just doing her job like any other person just to get paid.

So, watching all this I got curious whether spreading such bulletins is really illegal and if so, why? How they are different from any other hand outs? I mean I don’t like myself to be given such things. But if we have a right of freedom of speech and expression how can we say that someone’s interpretation of Bible or opinion on existence of God is illegal to spread? And do we have a right to insult a person whose job is to deliver those spreadsheets? I wonder what your opinion about it is.