As a real fan of classical music and music in general, I attend concerts almost every week. Due to the Thanksgiving break I had a chance to attend 2 classical concerts in one week. The concerts were great and worth attending. I did enjoy my classical break.

BUT, what really bothers me while attending these kind of events is the fact that classical art is really underestimated in Armenia. First and foremost, the number of people who attend classical concerts is extremely small. One can argue that this is the case with classical concerts all over the world since the tickets of classical concerts as compared with other concerts are more expensive.

However, the concert halls are left half-filled when the prices for the tickets range from 1000 AMD to 5000 AMD. I don’t think that you can find a single country on the world map that offers a classical concert for such an accessible price.

The fact that the ticket prices are very low also indicates that the wages of the artists, who are being paid for the concerts, are not high at all. As a result, less people would choose to become professionals particularly in the genre of classical music. This is a disaster for any country. When we observe the cultures of the leading countries of the world we are to notice that classical art is highly appreciated and promoted.

Thus, we have a genuine cultural problem. The city does not want to rest its ears!