It is not common in Armenia to have many special holidays and when I saw an announcement that every second Sunday of the October will be celebrated as a Kite Day in Armenia I was really amused.

My friend managed to join those who were attending that beautiful event near Sevan Lake. She said that it was not only very touching, beautiful and pleasant, but it was also a big step towards the limited, dark, busy days of Armenian people. Anne mentioned very touching thing that she saw there. A little girl with his father were playing and searching for a wind. They looked so happy that Anne almost cried because joy filled her heart.  I would like to see people smiling, playing, and enjoying their lives more often. It would be great to realize that we don’t need to wait until some special days. Every day may become special if we make it so. I regret missing that beautiful event near Sevan Lake, but I hope that such kind of events will be organized more often. Armenians need to learn to chill-out.

Link of the Awesome Foundation: http://www.awesomefoundation.org/en/projects/38371-kite-day