A group of Armenians have come together aiming to enhance the awareness about The Armenian Genocide. They have come up with the idea to suggest Google to have a doodle commemorated to the 100th anniversary of the Genocide. They believe that by this, we can show the world that there was a massacre towards 1.5 million Armenians 100 years ago and by this we will get into the point when Turkey will recognize its fault.

Happily Armenians are being very collective for the sake of gaining recognition of the Armenian Genocide. This is especially because this year it is the 100th anniversary of the Genocide which has not yet been recognized by many countries (such as US, though many states did).

In fact this group has created a facebook page which invites people to an online event. The facebook spreading is held from December 2 and will last until April 1th. The page has 371 followers by now. The request to the Google organization is being sent through proposals@google.com where a suggestion about a future doodle idea should be attached. The problem is that Google receives a huge amount of emails and some of them are just not answered. But they ensure that all of them are being read.

Let’s look forward for the doodle we wish to see the most!