One of the most important aspects of a trip is the quality of services. The trip by bus to Tbilisi was a very smelly experience.

First, the lack of punctuality to take off, from the driver’s part was frustrating. We left 45 minutes later than we were supposed to. Secondly, the stations we stopped by had the most unsanitary bathrooms I had ever seen. On the way to Tbilisi, the bus makes two stops in order for the passengers to stretch their legs and take care of their needs. Most of the passengers complained about it. According to “Public Health Security of the Republic of Armenia”, it is stated in the law that gas stations should always maintain clean toilets. This suggests that there’s either carelessness or incompetence by the government.Thirdly, the quality of the reconstructed roads were terrible because the bus kept bumping and joggling.

It would be very embarrassing for us if the services are not improved. The government should at least send health inspectors as frequently as it can since it is not only a matter of embarrassment but also of health and sanitation.

Links to the law: