10378923_585681484908783_3556822363558950657_nToday, 6th of December, in the Nothern Avenue in Yerevan a Flesh Mob was held concerning the issue of Selective Abortion in Armenia. The Flesh Mob was organized by several Public organizations who decided to take some actions in order to show at least their attitude to the issue and raise public awareness.

The organizers have put lots of liitle kids’ (girl)  shoes  in the road along with papers containing relevent texts in them. The text is written from the name of the world-be-born girl and contain an annocent valuation of the reasons by which she was not to be born.  “Nare: I wasn’t born because I wouldn’t make my parents happy”, “Anahit: I was not born, because I couldn’t make my father’s dreams come true”.

Girls talk, complain and explain their history by their own voice and this act is making the issue appear much more severe.