During my four day trip to Georgia I had heard many stories from Armenians that Armenian Churches in Georgia are either not given permission for renovation or attempted to be appropriated by the Georgians.

When I went there, I saw two Armenian Churches that were in desperate need for renovation, but for some reason, the local authorities were not granting the Church permission to renovate because according to Armenians living there, it is because the “Georgians believe that those said Churches belong to them not to Armenians.” I don’t know whether the argument presented from both sides is viable, but I do know that regardless of whose Church it is, the Churches cannot be left in the current shape that they are because one of the two Churches is burned and the other has been exploded, which according to Armenians, was done by locals.

One of my acquaintances who lives there told me that due to these sorts of occurrences, the Armenians feel discriminated and disrespected.

Let’s hope that both sides sit down and discuss the issues at hand in order to halt the miscommunication.