Children in Armenia deserve to receive the best education and reveal their potential. It is with this vision that the Education Armenia non-governmental organization is launching its activities.

The mission of the organization is to gather high-quality experts and the best alumni of universities in Armenia and abroad and lead them to schools in Armenia to teach for two years and contribute to the school children’s personal and professional development.

“The young experts will convey new air to the learning process. We want to work with the schools that need teachers and where the learners are primarily from vulnerable and socially disadvantaged families,” the organization’s founding president CEO Larisa Rayan says.

According to recent statistics published by the Trends in International Mathematics and Science (TIMMS) international evaluation, Armenia has seen a decline in math and science scores. Armenian students rank significantly lower than their peers in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Romania, Iran, Slovenia, and much lower than students in the Russian Federation and the United States.

Education Armenia has barely launched its activities, but has already established fruitful cooperation with several foundations, organizations and individuals for which every child’s high-quality education is also the imperative of our times. The organization’s general partners are TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, the Armenian General Benevolent Union and Teach For All international organization.

Now the organization is organizing a Summer Institute which is an intensive 6-week training program for Teach For Armenia Fellows, and a fun, free-of-charge high-level learning program for 200 Armenian children from rural communities. The objective of the Institute is to effectively train Teach For Armenia’s Fellows for their two-year teaching commitment, and to invigorate students from rural communities to benefit from such educational advantages.

Teach For Armenia believes that by investing in a generation of passionate and dedicated teachers they are not only impacting classrooms and schools today, but also building the foundations for self-motivated learners and education leaders in the future. They believe that the knowledge that children will gain during Institute will make them more driven and committed students for the upcoming school year, and beyond, as they become members of an effective, productive community.

Teach For Armenia needs a help for this Summer Institute 2015, and they need everyone’s support. If you are interested and would like to help them, you can donate by attending this page https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/ensure-a-free-summer-institute-for-200-children/