Today is the 7th of December, the day of the catastrophic earthquake which struck several Armenian cities and villages and destroyed houses in Spitak, Gyumri, Vanadzor etc.. Around 25 000 people died, 19 000 were injured and more than 530 000 became homeless.

However, 26 years have passed since the actual day but around 4.000 people are homeless in Gyumri and every second person is living in extremely poor conditions. In order to raise the awareness of the issue it is already  the second year that PanArmenian, specifically Pan Photo, is carrying out a project called “Day of Shame” (ամոթի օր) .

The project is a photo exibition held in Gyumri along with crowd funding and fundraising. The exibition includes 26 photes showing people living in nonhuman, extreme conditions in Gyumri. The resultant money of fundraising are planned to be given to the 26 families of the pictures. Photoes were published today and the fundraising has begun which will continue untill 17th of December.

The photos are taken by Hayk Barseghyan.big_6391f2b19big_8fd7f8741