Tomorrow,  December 8th, the undergraduate students of AUA, the professors and all other workers at the university are officially invited to watch the Christmas play organized by AUA Drama, Music and Dance clubs. As the names of the clubs may suggest, the play is going to actually be represented as a musical.

The club members are really enthusiastic about the play for several reasons. First of all this is the first musical in 2 academic years and the first collaboration among the clubs. Besides all this, the play is planned  and rehearsed in short time, so everybody is extremely nervous and with high expectations.

During the last days of the preparations the club members were making special Christmas-spirited invitation letters for professors and other workers at AUA. They were making event posters, singing their songs and creating the mood in advance.

Around 150 people will come to watch and enjoy the play and I’ll be one of them. The play is going to be really interesting and joyfull as it is a Chirstmas play. ^_^