This Monday was a wonderful big event at AUA. The Drama Club once again showed the high quality performance. The founder of the Drama Club Noemi Akopian is a talented actress and scrip writer even she hadn’t studied in theater. First time I noticed her was the class of Acting Techniques by professor Melissa Brown. During the class she did the best improvisations and the way she performed inspired me to write a story where her character will be a charming alcoholic elf. As person she is very open minded and creative. It is easy and pleasant to discuss any topic with her. These all facts made me eager to become a member of her club. Even this time I had not enough time to participate but I found time to attend their performance.

It was the most incredible Christmas play I have ever seen. There were also Dance and Music clubs on the stage. They all made me feel proud of my campus people and especially those talented ones who put so much effort to make that play happen in the busy final week of exams. These people are the kind that makes me feel good for the time I spent in campus.