I hope everyone loves classical music, choir and especially ”Paros” chamber  choir.

Before mentioning their upcoming concert I would like to talk about the choir itself.

As you see most singers of the choir are disabled and all sing from a seated position. Despite that fact, the group has developed into a world-class Chamber Choir. working with Maestro Raffi Mikaelian. It is honorable to see how this people create an amazing career and show everyone that being disabled does not stop them to do what they want or like.

The award-winning Paros Chamber Choir was founded in 1993 and performs a wide repertoire of music including songs by accomplished Armenian, Russian and American composers. The Paros Chamber Choir’s international performances have included England, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, Italy and most recently their 2005 performance in France. Since its inception, the Paros Chamber Choir has participated in several international competitions and has truly become a lighthouse or beacon (Paros translated in Armenian) for The Armenian Nation.

They are amazing, aren’t they?

I have heard them personally several times, and honestly, every time I got goosebumps on my skin. I think everyone should listen them and know about them.

So they are going to have a concert on December 11, at 7:00 pm, at Komitas Chamber Music Hall. I suggest everyone to go and listen them! They really deserve your applause.

Listen this song and see how amazing they are 🙂